Upon passing your advanced test, you will automatically become a member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders! It is strictly within speed limits. BikeSafe is different in that it bridges the gap from passing the motorcycle test and going on to further training t… All braking and gear changing should be done on the approach when the machine is upright. A RoSPA Gold Level Rider, an Advanced RoSPA Group Instructor and RoSPA National Diploma Holder, Peter’s enthusiasm for riding can be infectious – so be warned! ….Or maybe you have recently passed your test and would like someone to be there for your first ride on your new bike? , the Night Rider course is designed to hone your night riding skills. Advanced Motorcycle Training GOOD CAN ALWAYS BE BETTER. Applying the throttle early settles the suspension, unloads the front and enables the rider to feel more accurately what the machine is doing. A clean visor, in good condition. Instructors All Instructors who train within Southern Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training must be a current RoSPA Gold Grade rider before commencing their instructor training. Training RoSPA offer one of the widest ranges of safety training courses in the UK, trusted to provide our tailored expertise to everyone from multi-national corporations, right …  Many insurance companies recognise this as a qualification and give insurance discounts accordingly. I started riding motorcycles from the age of 3 years old, it's been my passion and desire since then. If you negotiate a bend on a motorcycle and maintain the throttle position that gave you 'Constant Speed' on the straight, you will slow down as you go through the corner. Since that time I have completed the Rospa Advanced qualification and achieved a gold standard.  It is not overly time consuming and relatively easy to achieve and sustain in terms of riding. Here are some points you may wish to consider the next time you are riding on wet roads. Moreover, it uniquely leads to a nationally recognised advanced motorcycle qualification! According to the latest Department for Transport figures, in 2018, 354 motorcyclists died in crashes, meaning they accounted for one in five of all deaths on UK roads. RoSPA has over 60 local groups available to provide voluntary free advice and advanced training in preparation for your test. In this case, regaining your side of the road on a closed throttle is best avoided. The RoSPA training course is widely regarded to be the most challenging advanced motorcycling course available to the public. Sounds obvious, but having to roll the throttle off on a corner blows away our 'Constant Speed', loads up the front and unsettles the bike, thus compounding the chance of an unrecoverable front-end slide. Recognising slippery surfaces early is preferable. Get Cornering offers rider training for the RoSPA advanced motorcycle test. RoSPA ask you to re-take the test every three years, but the cost is covered by the annual subscription fees. Learn motorcycle hazard avoidance skills and training with ProBike MCT in preparation for your MODULE 1/Mod 1 Full Motorcycle Licence Test. Not so. Good tyres, correctly inflated with plenty of tread. This tests their ability to tutor, their comprehensive knowledge of the Highway Code and Roadcraft and to ride safely with an Associate. Some groups cater only for drivers, others for riders and some can cater for both! With the right training, night riding can be really enjoyable if you follow our guidelines and golden tips. Under braking, as the weight of the machine and rider moves forward, the front tyre makes the transition from unloaded to loaded. This four-day course prepares riders for RoSPA's nationally recognised Advanced Motorcycle Test. You will build on your confidence because you won't be frightening yourself all the time. We then follow this with 4 – 5 ½ hours on road training during which time we are looking to improve your use of brakes and gears, forward planning, positioning for the best view ahead, overtaking and use of speed. The day is tailored to your existing abilities and sets out to build on those and develop the right kind of confidence and safe motorcycle cornering skills for you.